I'm gonna talk about some albums that I like. Most of the time, you can enjoy these records with some beers.

Dollar Bin CDs

Air Miami – Me. Me. Me. (1995)


I recently realized that I would include this in my list of “favorite albums,” which is weird, because a lot of it is kind of just a joke pop album, but they’re really pretty jokes! Actually, only a handful of the songs actually seem like jokes, so don’t worry; this isn’t a Bloodhound Gang album or anything (god, how I wish it were- all I care about is swearing and tits). Anyway, if you only spend time checking out that sassy lady on the cover and the minimal artwork, you may think that this is a cold, weird, hip mail-order clothing catalog soundtrack, but it’s not that, either. So what does it sound like? Well, you’ll never know, you pathetic, needy Internet person (or most likely Facebook friend that was pressured into clicking on this link for one reason or another- thanks guys).

Oh! So I feel like this is cheating, because Air Miami is literally just Unrest with one person swapped out, and that person is not either of the singers (Mark Robinson and Bridget Cross), so it really does sound exactly like a more keyboard-y version of Perfect Teeth, which I reviewed on here a couple years ago, which is why I feel like it’s cheating and that this sentence has gone on for far too long. I guess it’s not cheating though, because this is different enough. Don’t worry too much about the “more keyboard-y” part if that frightens you, because it’s only minor flourishes, which may initially seem like a lot, considering that Perfect Teeth had zero keyboard content, but they add quite a bit to the fun and not-overly-serious atmosphere of the songs. Also, a lot of the songs have surprise/weird “adult” content or swearing on them that makes their sugary-ness kind of confusing and awesome, for example, the pretty straight-forward opener/pop-rocker “I Hate Milk,” contains a joyous chorus of, “Please, please, someone kill me soon.” Later on, the surprisingly enjoyable and bouncy should-be-throwaway, “Neely,” immediately begins with the extremely non-threateningly-sung repetition of, “Hey, hey/Hey, hey/I’m gonna fuck you up today,” but it sounds soooooooooo fun! You won’t even notice that all of the children in your car now have their minds ruined. There’s even a later part in the song about gettin’ “fucked up.” COOL!

Me. Me. Me. continues on, alternating between good-time, quick pop gems, and slower, prettier slightly-more-serious sounding fare. The first time I heard this album, I thought the slower songs were kind of boring, but then I realized that they all sound like taking a really relaxing, slow plane ride (if that’s a thing) over an ocean. I guess that’s a really specific feeling, but listen to any of the Bridget Cross sung tunes on here, and tell me I’m wrong- I dare ya- and because everyone on Earth clearly shares the same mental associations, I’ll win.

Here’s a bad transition to end things: “Dolphin Expressway” is one of the shimmery-est, prettiest songs I’ve ever heard, and it feels like getting a sunburn. “World Cup Fever” is a silly dance song that RULES! Look at all that lazy writing I just did. Pathetic.

I’m done. Download this. Look how blue that goddamn cover is!


The Amps – Pacer (1995)

Pod was a really really really good album by The Breeders. In fact, I vastly prefer it to any of the post Surfer Rosa Pixies material (yes, even Doolittle, what an asshole I am). To make a long story short, it was cold, weird, catchy, and contains some of the best drum recording I’ve ever heard. Last Splash was its follow-up, which contained a fairly huge hit (“Cannonball”), different band members, wasn’t too bad, but it essentially sounded like a fuzz box covered in lollipops. Unfortunately, though a hairy lollipop sounds desirable at first, it’s nothin’ special. After that, The Breeders took a break for a little while, and Kim Deal recorded an album, Pacer, with a (semi) new band, The Amps. I heard part of it before, but two weeks ago I found it used for a mere two dollars at the horrific expense of being able to buy just one less beer the following evening.

Thankfully, I didn’t need to drink away my sorrows over the purchase of Pacer, because it’s great! Even almost as great as Pod! I’m not lying! That’s right, other dollar bin finds like The Meat Puppets’ Too High to Die, you can all go fuck yourselves!

Anyway, this album sounds much more appropriate as a follow-up to Pod. It has the fuzziness of Last Splash, but isn’t nearly as slick, and is charmingly sloppy on many occasions. All of the songs are incredibly simple, only three of which being over three minutes long, and those songs aren’t exactly “Larks’ Tongues in Aspic, Part 3.” It opens with the fairly mellow title track, which misleadingly sounds exactly like a song from Last Splash, but when it transitions into “Tipp City,” it goes from a sunny beach party atmosphere to a much sweeter drinkin’-too-many-beers-after-dark rock and roll beach party. And those are the kind of parties I enjoy, though I could take or leave the beach part. Speaking of drinking a lot of beers, Robert Pollard allegedly “loaned” Kim Deal parts (if not all) of the song “I Am Decided.”

When I initially decided to post this, I didn’t realize I would have that little to say about Pacer, but I think that might be because of how simple it really is, as I said before. The only thing left to do would be a shitty song-for-song breakdown, which I’m not going to do because it’s UNPROFESSIONAL and goes against the aesthetics of this blog, my own integrity, and America. I will say that “First Revival” has a super melodic and pretty surf-ish chorus, and that “Full on Idle,” which would appear yet again on The Breeders’ (totally half-assed) Title TK, is a bunch of punk-rockin’ fun. I don’t know. Enjoy this album and its minimal, totally uninformative insert.

Have a drunk beach party, cut your hair, and glue it to a lollipop right here: